It's Alive! Supercar Maker Gumpert May Have Found a New Investor

This year alone, low-volume supercar manufacturers Gumpert, Melkus, Pininfarina, among others, have found themselves so deep in the red, the best solution was to hand over control of all assets to the heartless banking system. Now, as the two other automakers continue to cling for life, it looks like Gumpert could be the first to find themselves back to work on the next great exclusive supercar. PHOTOS: See more of the Gumpert Apollo S In a new report by Dutch magazine Auto Visie, it is said that a number of parties were interested in the automaker, with Gumpert officials choosing the one that most best suited their needs. Although no word on who this mystery suitor is, rumor has it that the much-loved Apollo will live on. As of now there has been no official word from Gumpert officials as to the deal, but the Dutch publication predicts that an official statement should be made earlier in the week.