For Sale: 2006 BMW M1 Sauber 06

Are traditional investment opportunities no longer meeting your anticipated return projections? Are you the lucky guy who just bought Eric Clapton's Gerhard Richter painting for $33.625 million and suddenly you feel bored with life, despite your mistresses, cocaine addiction, and the pressurized scent of cow hides in your Gulfstream5? Then please allow us to introduce to you this exquisite V8 era Formula One race car now on sale in Sweden. It's nice. Like $1.368 million nice. Yes, this supremely low mileage F1 car circa 2006 could be yours if you have the change, or know how to rob a high end Swedish car dealership. Either way this BMW is definitely mint, having only been driven 499 miles (km?) by some of the best in open wheel racing. It is believed that this was Nick Heidfeld's car during the 2006 season, and rumor has it that Jacques Villeneuve may have brushed against it in the pits, and Sebastien Vettlel may  have coughed on it during a practice session.  This is the real deal folks.
For Sale:  2006 BMW M1 Sauber 06
Dat spoiler. Sponsored by Credit Suisse. Where do you bank?
The BMW-sourced power-plant displaces only 2.4 liters, weighs in at a scant 95 kg (~209 pounds, or the average weight of a Mississippian swimwear model), and has around 5,000 moving parts all revving to a stratospheric redline of 19,000 RPM in pursuit of at least 740-hp. In addition to the real race pedigree and OCD levels of attention paid to weight loss, this BMW Sauber F1.06 features: a sports seat, traction control, trip computer, rear spoiler, LM rims and a multi-function steering wheel. We're assuming navigation system, heated seats and cupholders are not offered.
For Sale:  2006 BMW M1 Sauber 06
This is what a socialist calls a multi-function steering.
We would buy it for the "multi-function" steering wheel  alone.