Best. Ad. Ever: Reunited with First Harley Davidson

Ed Church is an enthusiast. Like most hot blooded males, he gets his joie de vivre from things that make a lot of noise and go fast. Ed Church loves motorcycles.  And like a lot of enthusiasts he was totally consumed with his first love;  a 1958 Harley Davidson he purchased as a sophomore in High School. Ed Church is also a man of reason. When his daughter was born he sold the bike, presumably to make sure that he actually lived to see her blossom into a young woman and then walk her down the aisle. Ed is a wise man, although a bit of a softee. He regretted selling the bike almost instantly, and for 32 years he longed to be reunited with his first Harley. Then eBay came along, and Ed, like any proper gear head spent many days searching and scanning the auctions for a Harley Davidson similar to the original 1958 he owned. Then one day it happened. Ed found the exact bike he owned  and cherished in his youth; matching VIN number and all. Pretty amazing story, especially if you're among the many who scrapped and saved to purchase their first bike or car, and then spent countless hours and weeks fixing it up to get it  running  just right. This is a story for you: