Need For Speed Ad Actually Makes Me Want to Play Video Games Again

I'm a grownup, and thus I've lost my interest in video games. I don't see how someone who actually pays taxes and cleans the gutters twice a year can actually sit down and play six straight hours of Call of Duty. It's the sign of a man-child. Now, granted, being a car nut, I'll make the occasional exception for a decent racing simulator, but in all, I'm just not feeling the love anymore. That was, of course, until I watched the latest trailer for Need for Speed. I used to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the computer back in the day, and that game honed my love of cars. From there the NFS franchise waned and waxed, with perhaps NFS: Underground as its most popular title. As of late, the NFS titles had failed to capture the same kind of enthusiast (but non-gamer) the way that Forza and Gran Turismo have. But this trailer for Need for Speed: Most Wanted could get me back on board. Most notably the standoff between law enforcement and vehicular superlativity is just awesome... Veyrons, and Cobras, and Raptors- Oh my! Also, something that the a certain Lamborghini does at 1:28 is gets me all tingly. So, will I play? If a controller is put in my hand and I'm in the mood ("Kawasaki; Jump on it" does NOT get me in the mood) I could play a few races, and that's saying a lot.