Bicyclists The Smug, Self-Righteous Bane of Drivers Everywhere

Disclosure: I am an avid mountain biker, and use my bike to occasionally commute. This rant is not coming from some fatass sitting in his escalade, chugging down on a Big Gulp. I'm active, and ride the same roads as many of these bikers to which I refer. If you think this argument is close-minded and that I'm sort of troglodyte, then this article is probably directed at you. Freaking bikers man. You self-important, spandex-wearing douchebags, plaguing the main streets and back roads across America. I can't possibly think of a single group that is more self-absorbed and holier-than-thou than this collection of wannabe athletes. I really can't take your douchey ways and more...douches. With the exploding popularity of cycling a newfound confidence has arose, as well as a misplaced hubris that makes them the two-wheeled menace of the road. It is not uncommon to see a group of riders 3-4 wide on the road, and need a quick honk to get them to tighten up single file. Riders also run red lights, while taking up a lane like a car would. The problem is the double standard, but bikers will tell you drivers are just not looking out for them. There is a reason for that. As a mountain biker, who rides in many state parks, I am familiar with the yield procedures. Runners yield to bikers, bikers yield to runners, and both yield to horses. Horses are large, unpredictable things, that are, in effect being controlled by someone who might be staring at the view rather than keeping an eye out for bikers. Because of this inherent danger, I keep my distance and approach horses with caution. The same level of caution should be taken by cyclists on roads in dealing with cars. Horses relieve themselves on the trail, and you have to accept that thats what horses do and avoid it. In the same way, cyclists need to understand that the poor visibility and typical distracted driver behavior is, and always has been, a natural part of the driving experience. The new factor in the equation is the bike, so those individuals are taking a risk that they must accept when they embark on a bike. It should be noted that, while a cyclist may be completely comfortable with navigating thick traffic, many drivers on the road are NOT comfortable with that bike's presence. It must have been about a decade ago, that cycling really took hold in America. By then I had been mountain biking for as many years. Mountain biking is a terrific sport, as it teaches balance, stamina and toughness. You are humble after taking a digger and tearing half your arm open, but you always want to get back on the bike. Mountain bikes themselves are great, because they can tackle all sorts of terrain, from the trail to unannounced roadwork, the tough frame and tires make it possible to take on many obstacles. But strangely enough, in NYC, following power outages and gasoline in short supply, the bike has proven its mettle. There is an inherent need for bicycling, but in order for us to more thoroughly coexist, riders need to be as willing to yield to cars, and properly observe the rules of the road. It's a two way street y'all, and the responsibility of dealing with the new rush of bicyclists on the road is not the drivers alone. Let's coexist people, but both sides have to come together and respect each other's presence before it gets out of hand.