Ferrari F40- Enzo's Last Great Masterpiece

Milestones are only important to reflect upon if a brand is still significant or important. The Ferrari F40 was one such milestone, and our very own Neil Helfgot happened to stumble upon one on a leisurely Sunday Drive. Here are his musings on the Ferrari supercar. Enzo Ferrari’s last major contribution to the company occurred in 1987 with the introduction of the F40, which was produced until 1992.  During that production run 1,315 cars were produced. Today, kids all say that the newer Enzo model was the best Ferrari ever produced, or even speculate that its newest successor, the Ferrari F70, will be the best. PHOTOS: See more of the Ferrari F40 So it seems that is the fatal flaw with every new Ferrari - in a few years’ time it is outdated as “the best.”  But, we think the F40 still to this day manages to be a fresh design, not stale in the least, and that the F70 is just layering onto classic designs that preceded it. Clearly Enzo Ferrari had a flare for design and hopefully, before he died in 1988, he knew that he left with a bang-up car.  No doubt, the image of a Ferrari F40 in racing trim spitting fire out the back end is near automotive pornography. It is a picture seared into the minds of all people who have the love of Ferraris coursing through their hearts.