2015 Ford Mustang Could Share Same Engine as Focus RS

A few days back we reported that the all-new Focus RS could be coming stateside with close to 350-hp. Underhood, those 350 ponies would come courtesy of Ford’s 2.3L 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine. For a Focus, ain’t half bad. That's solid power for even a sports car. But now, with Ford’s global takeover in full force, we could see the same 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine (muscle car purists’ may want to look away) used in the next-gen Mustang. Yup. PHOTOS: See all Ford Mustang models With the Ford global strategy shrinking down the pony car in order to meet European standards, the use of a four-banger in the next-gen Mustang is all but imminent. This news shouldn't be so painful to the purists, seeing as there will be 310- to 350-hp on tap. This news originally coming from AllFordMustangs.com, indicating that for 2015 the Mustang will retain a similar, yet evolutionary new design that will shrink the car down by a few inches in both length and width, and have advanced upgrades to both the headlights and taillights. While the information was obtained by a forum user during a Ford market research study, there’s no telling how much the design will change or remain the same before production. Source: AllFordMustangs.com via MustangDaily.com