Magnus Walker's Magnum Opus, Urban Outlaw, is Here

Meet Magnus Walker. He's quite the guy. You could could easily mistake him  for a Southern California hipster/indie rock legend/bum. He's none of the above. You might have seen videos of him tearing down the 110 Freeway from Los Angeles to Passadena in one of his classic 911's. Maybe you've drooled over one his classic 911's on the Porsche forums he frequents. You may have also seen the trailer for the short film starring him called "Urban Outlaw". If you were wondering where you would find a movie theater to watch a film about a crazy bearded British ex-pat  and his obsession with Porsche's look no further. The internet comes through, yet again. Urban Outlaw, directed and produced by Tamir Moscovic, is a movie that car guys of any ilk will be able to relate to. And if you're not a garage rat Urban Outlaw is about 30 minutes of insight into why people spend weekends, months even years building up cars for insane sums of money. If you're not a Porsche fan, or fan of Porsche owners, Urban Outlaw may change your mind. Because Magnus Walker is not your typical Porsche owner, and his obsession isn't normal either, even for fanatics. All we know is Magnus Walker should make motivational posters, because his life looks like a win.