Dodge Challenger SRT8 Takes On An MD500 Helicopter

Truthishly, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a high-performance sports car pitted against a helicopter (ie: Lamborghini vs. helicopter), but, in this video, the sports car in question is a blacked-out, tuned-up Dodge Challenger SRT8 with an extra 20 ponies at the driver's disposal. Lined up on the tarmac for a good, old-fashioned down-and-back drag race, with the Challenger reaching near the 500-hp mark, and the MD500 helicopter...being a helicopter that flies through the air, we’re not exactly sure how this even this race will really be. Really though– with both a tuned-up Challenger and an MD500 helicopter at your disposal, what the hell else are you suppose do with ‘em? PHOTOS: See more of the Dodge Challenger SRT8