Porsche Considering Mid-Engine, Carrera GT Successor?

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the 759+ hp Porsche 918 Spdyer halo model, some would forget that the gap spanning the top spec 911 from the new supercar is, in automotive terms, monstrous. With the GT2 RS chiming in at near $220K and the 918 Spyder with an expected price tag of near $700K, it seems like the money making opportunity within this price gap is just to hard to ignore. PHOTOS: See more of the Porsche Carrera GT As the classic brand finds a footing in the growing market, CEO Matthhias Muller explains that “attractive products are a critical part of our growth strategy.” This new Porsche sexiness will include a smaller Macan SUV, an updated Panamera reminsicint of the Sports Turismo concept, and more importantly, the possibility of yet another high-performance supercar. This mid-engine sports car would fill the empty price gap between the 911 and 918, with an expected range of €300,000-€400,000 (approx. $390,000-$520,000) and rival the Ferrari 599’s and Lamborghini Aventador’s of the world. Details are still slim, but this might just be the perfect fit for a successor to the Carrera GT. Source: Handelsblatt