Tata Motors Bringing Nano Minicar Stateside

Move over Fiat and Smart, the world’s most affordable small car is coming to America. This cute little 37-hp bugger is the product of Indian-based automaker Tata Motors, who, after success of a their extremely low cost Ace pickup, graced the Indian motorways with an even smaller and more affordable vehicle. With a thrifty price tag of only $1,900, this is officially the cheapest car in the world, and although we will see a bump in price when it hits U.S. shores, it should still be one of the most affordable cars in all of North America. PHOTOS: See more of the Tata Nano CEO Ratan Tata says that in order for the Nano to succeed in the North American market, it would require a fixture of “more bells and whistles.” Things like a (now_required) traction control system, a bump in horsepower, and a stretching of space in order to fit our fat selves and children. While the Tata Motor group has not yet gained a foothold in the U.S. market, means of distribution would be all to easy thanks to the newfound ownership of Jaguar/Land Rover.