Can We Stop Doing This? Dumb Safety By Smart People

Cars are coming chock full of technology these days. Hop into a Lexus and its readily apparent that they do not want you messing with their car. Open the hood and the engine is covered entirely in another plastic panel. Hop behind the wheel, but in drive, and you notice something even more madening; Many of the car's features are locked out when in drive. You can't type a number into the phone interface, and you can't type an address into the NAV system. PHOTOS: See more of the Lexus This is maddening not only because it is just inconvenient, but also because it displays how Lexus thinks we are stupid, stupid, stupid people, incapable of using these systems while driving. Lexus is not alone in this, as most other automakers have the same lockouts. This is dumb. Not only does it not account for the fact that a passenger might be in the car, but it also does not account for human nature. If we cannot use the car's NAV system, then awe are going to hop right on to our cell phones, thus taking our eyes further away from the road. We're not saying that it's right. In fact, we do not condone distracted driving, but we also understand human nature, and how we ARE going to do what we want, and we DO NOT like being controlled. Atlas Shrugged makes a lot more sense after driving in a Lexus for a week. Damn safety features and let me use the navigation!