IRC Rally Skoda Crashes Onto the Roof of a House

Surprise! A video of a rally car flipping off the road and into somewhere strange. Unlike most though, driver Juho Hanninen managed to pull off the sweetest dismount in history. After underestimating a sharp left-hand bend during the fourth stage of Rallye Sanrem, Hanninen slammed his IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) Skoda Fabia into a road barrier sending it end over end and onto the roof of this house. With driver and co-driver in tact, Hanninen attempted to get his still-drivable Skoda back on track to at least cop some completion points, unfortunately, he was sort of...on top of some dudes house. All-in-all, the tumble gets him a 10 out of 10 from internet judges. We assume the owner of this establishment may not grade so highly for landing on his house.

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