Nissan Crowns Usain Bolt "Director of Excitement," Hands Over Special Edition GT-R

A guy who runs fast, Usain Bolt, can now add the official title of “Director of Excitement” to his already prolific resume. Officially dropping “spokesperson” from his vocabulary, Nissan gave Bolt the 24-hour job title of 'excitement guy' or whatever to ring in a special edition gold GT-R. Spending time at Nissan’s Yokohama headquarters in Japan, Bolt’s one-day shenanigans were all to promote this special edition supercar. Officially dubbed the Nissan GT-R “Bolt Edition,” this $100,000 special will be auctioned off on eBay in the upcoming weeks with all proceeds benefiting Jamaican Olympic athlete training. PHOTOS: See more of the Nissan GT-R "Bolt Edition" Although the $100K makeover was only skin deep, the exterior came coated in a shining gold paint job while the interior -ready for this- coated in bits of real gold. Now that’s how you do luxury. While this over-the-top special edition will head to the auction block, word is that Nissan will be building Bolt an equally as speedy special edition of his own with 545-hp on tap and customized based on his own reaction times on the track. It might even be draped in the Jamaican flag as well- not really. Maybe. I hope.