Toyota 86 Chief Engineer Says Two More Sports Cars are Coming

The Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) is a dime, one that will easily go down in history as one of the greatest sports cars ever made. And the man responsible for all that, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, now says that the '86 was only the first of three new sports cars the Japanese automaker plans to roll out. Tapping into their sports car roots, and with a bit of help from BMW now, it looks like Toyota may be re-injecting some life back into their droll and nearly forgotten lineup. PHOTOS: See more of the Toyota FT-HS Concept Sitting down with TopGear Philippines, Tada said that the team is now hard at work developing two new models, that will slot both above and below the current 86 in terms of price and performance: "The first is more mass-market and cheaper, and the third is more upmarket than the 86." While there’s no official details as to the identity of these two new sports cars yet, rumor has it we could possibly see the rebirth of the Supra, MR2 or Celica nameplate, one of which, to be loosely based off the FT-HS concept (pictured here).