Subaru BRZ Lands Featured Role in "Fast 6" Movie

As car people, we all hate to admit that the last five Fast and Furious movies have been sort of a guilty pleasure. Although filled with overdramatized car chases, blinding amounts of neon underglow and enough of Vin Diesel's horrible acting to make you want to vomit, we still can’t stop watching. Knowing then that the Fast series is progressing steadily on their sixth installment, we finally get word that one of the most talked about cars of the summer, the Subaru BRZ, will be landing a starring role in the sixth movie. PHOTOS: See more of the Subaru BRZ Like others before, we assume this BRZ will be given a horrible graphic job, 1 million movie horsepower and eventually be wrecked before the end of the movie by some guy in a tight t-shirt...Sigh. Before it’s found on the underside of a tractor trailer though, the Subie should be in for a host of sideways-having, police-evading, Vin-Diesel-touting action when the movie hits screens May 24, 2013. Source: MotorTrend