Ferrari F70 Could be Popping Up in Detroit Next Year

With the high-performance hybrid battle at its all-time high between Porsche, McLaren, Jaguar; and others, we still have yet to see the Mac Daddy, the "cool-of- all-cool": the Ferrari F70. Now though, it appears we will finally get to see it, and it will be here in the States first. For reasons unknown, the USA Today is reporting that that all new Ferrari F70 (aka Enzo successor) will be making its first world debut in, the one in Michigan. And although the NAIAS is one of the largest shows of its kind, it is a strange place indeed for the Italian automaker to show up unannounced. The report goes on to state that the F70 will have upwards of 900-hp, complete with a Hy-KERS hybrid system mounted most likely to a sexy Ferrari V12. So although Ferrari hasn’t officially released any details, or a name, or pictures, we know that this ultra-awesome high performance Ferrari will be the best one ever…until they build another one.