Tesla Model S Outguns BMW M5, Jaws Become Dropped

Take a minute to absorb what you just read. A newcomer all-electric Tesla Model S, beat down a performance bred twin-turbo V8 560-hp BMW M5, in a drag race, twice. How? Because ‘Merica! Pitting the two against each other, one would assume the tried and tested 2013 BMW M5 would tell the Model S where to put its 110v charging cable, but not so. While the M5 does pack more horsepower (560 vs. 416), more torque (500 lb/ft vs. 443 lb/ft) and a faster 0-60 time (4.2 vs. 4.4), for some reason it just can’t outrun the ultimate sleeper Tesla Model S. http://youtu.be/vvHTN0Yi1t4 The Automobile Magazine team pitted the two performance sedans head-to-head in a quarter mile drag race with the Model S edging out the German two out of three times, accounting the Tesla’s ability to more easily translate energy into forward motion as the winning formula. Heads officially scratched.

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