Simon Cowell Trying to Unload his Brabus Smart Fortwo

Whether or not your watch shows like American Idol or X-Factor, (and admit it, you do) you know who Simon Cowell is. The popularity has made him filthy, filthy, dirty-ass rich, and as such, has quite the collection of luxury cars. The stables at the Cowell estate includes Jaguars, Range Rovers Ferraris, Aston Martins, even a Bugatti Veyron…the dude has stupid money. So it might come as a surprise that Cowell owns a Smart Car…well, at least he did. The gajillionare/producer/personality had owned a Smart ForTwo Convertible, that was tuned by the capable hands of Brabus…If anyone could make the Smart cool it would be that particular tuning house. (PHOTOS: See more Brabus Smart Cars) Well apparently, it was not cool enough, as Cowell is trying to sell his Brabus Smart Car. Anyone actually looking to buy his car might have an investment on their hands. The Brabus version of the car was limited to only 120 vehicles, and a sticker price of "roughly $56,000." So maybe it would not be so embarrassing after all…wait, no, yes, it would be. Source: Twitter