Invisible Toyota Prius Could be the Future of Driving Backwards

From the days of the Lamborghini Countach, we’ve made strides in the art of driving in reverse. Since then, rear view mirrors have become more advanced for some reason, and thanks to back up cameras, we are no longer plagued with constantly striking small animals and/or children. Now, just when we thought driving in reverse couldn’t get any cooler, engineers at Japan’s Keio University have developed a "see-through" Toyota Prius. That’s right, invisible...almost. Using similar technology first seen in 2006, Japanese engineers have developed a way of projecting the image in the rear of the car onto the back seats providing a transparent optical illusion. As of now, there’s not a whole lot of details as to how this Prius was developed, but we do know that the rear seats, covered in a retroreflective material, produced the images via two projectors located in the driver and passenger headrests. So while we can't really account for all the technical jargon as of yet, we'll just chalk this one up to magic. Source: CNET