'Shogun Tango' Mini-Movie Previews Sci-Future of Bonneville Racing

Every year at the Bonneville salt flats, the brave and ballsy test their hand at top speed runs, inching closer to world-record stardom. Mostly equipped with highly modded muscle cars and sports cars alike, the Bonneville challenge is about one thing; straight-line, bare-knuckle speed. But what happens when the year 2034 comes around and those four-wheeled things we used to call ‘cars’ are now more common at the bottom of a garbage heap rather than on the road? Mach-speed traveling hovercrafts controlled by a satellite. Boom. http://vimeo.com/50567242 Entitled 'Shogun Tango,' this mini movie previews what the future holds for the life of the Bonneville speed flats, in an extremely sci-fi manner complete with an overly directed set of actors, and an overly epic close call finish. Produced and directed by Christopher and Greg Desantis, they said that this year long project was developed “in their spare time.” Humble-brag. Source: Vimeo via i09