Retro Vid: Super Epic 1984 Chevrolet Corvette Commercial

If this commercial is any indication, by now, we should find our civilization so highly advanced that space travel and teleportation are an everyday occurrence. Complete with warp speed, a Tron-like landscape and some guy in a silver jumpsuit, in 1984, Chevrolet pulled out all the stops to make their highly redesigned Corvette the most epic car ever made. To some, this was the most radically designed Corvette in the past 15 years, Chevy made it lighter, more powerful and questionably better looking. And according to the cheesy theme music, "you've never this before!" Boasting the world’s first computer-activated manual transmission, liquid crystal displays and sound that is “OUT OF THIS WORLD,” we’re surprised that Chevy didn’t offer an optional time traveling package. And looking back at this 84 ‘Vette now as just sort of o.k., this advertising gem makes us still believe it’s the fastest, most awesome, futuristic car ever made. Ever.