Customer Catches Chevy Dealer Taking His Camaro SS for a Joy Ride

Have you ever wondered what really happens to your car when you take it to get serviced? Well, pretty much every terrible little thing that you can imagine, at least in this case. According to the video description, the driver took his Chevy Camaro SS to a well known dealer in North Carolina in order to fix a problem with grinding gears at parking lot speeds and up to 35 mph. While most dealers would simply take the car for a quick drive, find the dilemma and fix it, this far more dealer thorough, decided that a 20 minute joy ride, complete with tire squealing and smoke pouring was a more suitable solution to said problem. And how do we know that? Because this responsible Camaro owner caught it all on a hidden recording device left in the car. He even caught the technician outrageously charging him for a new clutch and pressure plate. So we say thank you responsible Camaro owner, for making our preconceived notions about servicing to be now known as the truth. Source: Youtube via Jalopnik