Video: Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive Runs Laps of Ascari Race Course

Coming off a more than interesting reveal in Paris this year, Mercedes-Benz decided to jump ship over to Spain in order to present their all new SLS Electric Drive in action. Based of the standard SLS AMG, the 740-hp 155 mph Electric Drive is no Nissan Leaf. Complete with four electric motors, the blindingly blue Mercedes knows how to find its way around a race course quickly and quietly. Albeit a bit off-putting, the completely silent engines on video are reminiscent of a deep wind traveling over an abandoned race course; creepy. Taking hold of the Ascari race course in Spain, the Merecedes Electric Drive finds its way nicely around the difficult course, and although we don’t get an official lap, with a 0-60 sprint time of only 3.9 seconds, and all the torque available at zero rpms, it has to be a pretty set of numbers.