Two Supercars Take to Russian Highway for 224 MPH Drag Race

Illegal street racing is just that, illegal. Even in Russia, sort of. But that doesn’t seem to stop two 1,500-hp supercars from taking to an open road and hitting speeds of over 224 mph, I mean, why would it? Two drivers, equipped with a 1,500-bhp Nissan GT-R and an Underground Racing 1,500-whp Lamborghini Gallardo, take to a slightly crowded Russian highway after pumping their cars full of high octane race fuel in order to find out who has the biggest pair of cojones. Exceeding speeds of 220 mph, the duo seems to grab the attention of the local Russian police force equipped with a 114-hp Ford Focus, who, after what we assume to be a hefty bribe, proceeded to pay zero attention. While we can’t say we condone this type of behavior on the open road, 224 mph is hella fast and completely fun to watch...from afar. Source: Dragtimes