Bugatti Veyron Wrecked on Purpose for Insurance Fraud?

So there's this video of a $1.2 million Bugatti Veyron going into the drink. Crashing a supercar is one thing, but diving it into the water?! That's just downright deplorable. Now, the driver says he dropped is cellphone, but no one is apparently buying his story. The crash was strange enough, and the owner filed a claim for $2.2 million, which is definitely more than the Bugatti is worth. A few months after the claim, two Lamborghini's and a Porsche 911 GT3 showed up in the owner's garage. This caught the attention of law enforcement and insurance fraud investigators. The Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company has filed a lawsuit against the man, Andy House, asserting that he filed a wrongful claim, and that the car was crashed into the water on purpose. To make maters even more strange, the judicial proceedings have been delayed, and no explanation has been given as to why. Just one more part of a very strange tale of a crashed supercar.