Audi R8 GT Tuned by Underground Racing to 1,000HP!

Underground Racing continues to do simply awesome stuff. Despite the name, there is little in the way of nighttime illegal street racing, but the tuning outfit is known to crank out some stupendously powerful tunes. Their most recent concoction involves Audi R8 GT and just a measly 1,000-horsepower. Little information is given in the way of equipment, but we have to assume achieving that astronomical output requires a pair of turbochargers, and maybe an intercooler or two. Just speculation, but the miles of exhaust and intake piping kind of give it away. PHOTOS: See more of the Underground Racing Audi R8 GT The custom R8, which is headed to the United Arab Emirates, blasts out 1,000-hp with pump gas, but can achieve 1,250 horses with racing fuel. That's nuts. We're sure that this car will be seen in a YouTube video in a few weeks, just screaming all over the UAE. Only time will tell.