Nicki Minaj Buys Lil Wayne T-Rex, Proves She Has No Taste in Vehicles

What do you buy a rapper who regularly bathes in gold coins and has a garage filled with more Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and high-end SUV’s than one would know what to do with? A T-Rex of course!. Nicki Minaj, another musician of debatable talent, decided that for Lil Wayne's most recent birthday, rather then yet another mainstream Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti (which he already owns…), the $70,000 Campagna three-wheeler was a suitable set of new wheels. Unlike Kim Kardashian, who has surprisingly good taste in cars, Nicki Minaj’s T-Rex birthday gift is a questionable choice to say the least, although at $70K, one we would gladly accept with no questions asked. And, considering both parties have experienced unfathomable success in the past few years, Minaj even decked out the ride with custom "YMCMB" embroidering, making this the ultimate tool-mobile. Source: Celebrity Cars Blog