Bloodhound SSC 1,000-MPH Rocket Car Completes First Successful Test-Firing

1,000 mph is damn impressive; so it’s no wonder scientists’ and speed freaks alike are aiming for this world record land speed. And while many other teams around the world find themselves in claims upwards of 2,000 mph, the UK based Bloodhound SSC team was the first to successfully fire their flame-throwing rocket. Through the use of a hardened aircraft shelter at Newquay Cornwall Airport in Britain, the first successful launch of the rocket produced an astonishing 30,000-hp during a short ten-second burn. The team says that although not all the data has been analyzed, the recorded 30,000-hp mark allows them room to work for the next three tests in order to reach their 80,000-hp target for next years competition. Utilizing both the 80,000-hp jet propulsion and a lightweight, extremely aerodynamic body structure (pictured above) that is currently still under development, the SSC is expected to reach speeds of 1,050 mph during competition next October at Hakskeen Pan dry lake bed in South Africa. Awesome.