Next Land Rover Defender Jumping Ship for U.S.

Believe it or not, we haven’t seen a Land Rover Defender on U.S. shores for nearly 15 years. And, while everyone continues to improperly use their Range Rover’s and Range Rover Evoque’s, it looks like we will finally get back to some true off-roading pleasure from the Brits. Sitting down with The Car Connection, design director Gerry McGovern, confirmed “There will be a new Defender, and it will be as tough as nails.” He also confirmed that it will be aimed at the North American market, including the U.S. We likey. With new owner Tata Motors on hand, the group is planning for the new Defender to be just one of many new products dispersed throughout new and emerging markets, and to be a crucial part of their multi-billion dollar makeover that began early with the Evoque and Range Rover Sport. While there’s no official details yet, we have our fingers crossed that it will bear a similar resemblance to the stunning DC100 concept (pictured here) previewed late last year. (PHOTOS: See more of the Land Rover Defender here)