Driver Sends Nissan GT-R Airborne, Crashing into Field

Driving at a high rate of speed, for some, is a dangerous risk, especially behind the wheel of a near six digit supercar with a high-powered twin-turbo V6 like the Nissan GT-R. When heading out on a 60 mile journey, the driver of this GT-R thought it a good idea to pass a driver (with the camera) on the opposite side of the road at a high rate of speed; chaos ensues. Without taking notice, the GT-R driver speeds over a small crest in the road sending the Jap airborne, landing uncontrollably before skidding out past a roundabout and into a field. Thankfully, it was reported the driver was left unharmed, as the GT-R was taken to a local dealer with over $15,000 worth of front and rear bumper damage along with damage to the radiator and oil cooler. Moral of the story kids: don’t drive like an asshole.