Jay Leno Gets Intimate with the 240Z

We are fans of the Datsun 240z. So much so that yours truly has spent most of his down time in the last few months searching for the perfect survivor. As it turns out Jay Leno also likes the the Datsun 240z.  He likes it so much that he went all the way out to Japan to get behind the wheel of an original right hand drive Nissan Fairlady Z (Japanese Domestic Market Datsun 240Z). Who knew Jay Leno was such a JDM geek. The Datsun 240Z  is a pretty important player in sports car history. It was arguably the first mass produced, readily accessible, sports car that combined stylish design with performance. Essentially it was the every man's Jaguar E-Type; mimicking details like the straight six power plant, long hood, gauges and  design of the interior. It offered all of this for pennies on the dollar compared to similar offerings from Porsche, BMW and even Toyota. The only car that comes close to what the original 240 Z offered today is maybe the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S. Not even Nissan offers an actual spiritual successor to the original 240z in it's current model range. The 370Z is a pretty capable and cheap  sports car, but it never stops reminding you of the latter. Nissan has acknowledged the current Z's  short comings and attempted to quell the populist rage by promising to bring to market a smaller, lighter, more affordable Z in celebration of its 80th anniversary in 2014. With Jay Leno being the car guy to end all car guys,  he managed to talk his way into a behind the scenes look of  Nissan's design studio where the final stages of said Z car's looks are currently underway. But before all that he takes along for a ride in an original Fairlady Z complete with "aero-dyna" nose, glass headlight covers, and fender mounted mirrors. Very retro JDM. Once inside the studio there's some awkwardly translated conversation with a designer, and some backslapping between Chief Creative Officier Shiro Nakamura. Followed by a brilliant moment where Jay massages the Fairlady's rear quarter panel from behind while maintaining casual conversation.  Filthy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV505LKqU_4