Watch the Most Epic Stop Motion Car Chase in History

Like all reckless ten year old boys, in our youth, we often found ourselves on the kitchen floor, armed with a collection of mud covered, Hot Wheels die-casts. And like most, we knew our day wouldn't be complete without an epic police chase filled with overturned vehicles and imaginary explosions. And this video is exactly how such a car chase would have gone down in our minds. Complete with loads of 80’s style Crown Vic cruisers and a miniature Steve McQueen wielding a supercharged lime green Mustang, this three minute video took Vanguard Pictures nearly six months to complete using only an iPhone. While this is one of the most reminiscently awesome videos we‘ve ever seen, we don’t want to ruin any of it for any of you, although, we will say it has an unexpected ending, which is awesome. Source: Vanguard Pictures via YouTube