Chrysler and Mopar Preparing 20 Concepts for SEMA 2012

Yes, 20. In order for the Chrysler Group to cement their Mopar tuning brand as an industry leader, in the next few weeks, they will be prepping over 20 new concepts to showcase at the world renowned 2012 SEMA show in Vegas, beginning October 30. 20 new concepts is a large order to fill indeed, but as we all know, the Chrysler Group has their hands deep in a whole host of automakers, most recently Fiat. So with this, along with some teaser photos, we can gain a better idea of what to expect when the doors open; a tuned Fiat 500 Abarth, a sportier Dodge Dart, a Ram 1500, a reworked Dodge Charger and an all new Jeep program. As we wait for more details of these concepts to reveal themselves in the previewing weeks, we're excited to see all the handsome additions the Mopar group is tallying to their muscular portfolio.