Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Sets 8s 1/4 mi. World Record

Count to one and a half; by this time, you would have already been traveling at 60 mph in Underground Racing's TTGallardo2006. Taking hold a standard Gallardo (as usual), per request of owner, Underground did all sorts of unspeakable things inside, and underneath it. This made for production of the aforementioned 1.5 second 0-60 time and 1,750-whp. With a healthy serving of power on hand, UR took their monster Lambo for a run of Rockingham Raceway and unleashed all of  its 8 second, 181 mph fury. Officially clocked at 8.355 seconds and 181.48 mph, running on 18-inch HRE Wheels and Hoosier 335-30-18 drag radials, this made for a new world record run in a Gallardo, beating out the former record of a certain 1,000+ hp Heffner Performance kit set only recently at 8.72s. http://youtu.be/SZZvpXHcKSM While we can all attest to the impressive work done by Underground Racing and their Lambo conversions, we hope that this TT Gallardo and Covert Tuning Dynamics' 2,000-whp Murcielago will somehow, some way find themselves together on a drag strip soon. Please god yes. Source: Underground Racing via YouTube