David Yurman and Shelby Team Up For Baller Watch, Face-Melting Video

We've seen a lot of automaker/accessory tie-ins through the years. There have been Ferrari-branded laptops, Porsche-branded chairs, but the one constant in this cross-genera synergy has always been watches. Pick an automaker, and you're bound to find a watch, of varying value, with said automaker's logo emblazoned on the face. That said, few car-branded watches can touch what David Yurman has done to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Shelby and their heathenly powerful Shelby 1000. It's called the "David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition," and is a very snake-inspired timepiece. In addition to the Shelby 'Cobra' logo, there is a resemblance to a redline on the watches face as well. But what really has our knickers all clammy is the accompanying video. Produced by Brian Farm, who put out Red Bull's "Art of Flight" film, this is Car+Exorbitantly High Production Values = Faces Blown Clear Off Our Skull…it's a pretty simple equation actually. If you want the watch, you'll need to fork over $7,200, but anyone can enjoy the epic flick... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxUV8Q5cGLI