Video: Lamborghini Teases Next-Gen Gallardo Ahead of Paris

When describing a Lamborghini, one would say that it looks, a Lamborghini. There's essentially no other way to paint a better picture of how these sharp-edged, sleek and sensual Italian supercars are truly designed. But, like Lamborghini's of past, models tend to grow long-in-the-tooth and weary under pressure of new design and in need of a 'pick-me-up.' Next in line is the Gallardo. Believe it or not, the Lamborghini Gallardo was originally released into the market back in 2003, two years after the already outdated Murcielago. With a sharp Lamborghini-esque design, the Gallardo was a favorite among enthusiasts' and ten year old boys alike. Now, with Lambo sending off the Gallardo in a blaze of glory complete with an overabundance of special editions, they've released a new teaser of what to expect in the all new design slated for Paris later this week. Although providing virtually no details, we can see that this new Lamborghini will receive a set of sharp, sexy, gunmental coated rims and an edgy design reminiscint of the current Aventador. But like most teasers, it seems we'll have to wait until Thurday to find out for sure. (PHOTOS: See more of the Lamborghini Gallardo here)