Acura Still Considering "Small NSX" Sports Car

Last year, when Honda was still in development of their beak-bearing Acura NSX concept before it broke cover, rumor had it that in joint development was a shrunken down, lighter and slightly more attainable version of their top of the line V6 hybrid supercar. Now, new rumors coming from Motortrend tells us that this newest Acura model, creatively dubbed the “Small NSX,” is back on the drawing boards at Honda HQ and is slated for a possible green-light for development within the next five years. (PHOTOS: See more of the 2012 Acura NSX Concept here) Although we know that Honda is hard at work on a new “sports roadster” possibly replacing the loved S2000 moniker, inside sources tell that the baby NSX is not that model. Instead, this model will bear a similar semblance to the current NSX concept -although shrunken in size- and will even carry the same SH-AWD, mid-engine layout and possibly a hybridized powertrain. Although no official details have been given, we don’t expect this mini-supercar to come in cheap. Considering the joint development with the NSX concept, a predicted price-range sits somewhere between the $50- and $60K mark, which is borderline expensive. As the NSX is slated for a production year of 2015, expect the baby soon after by 2016 or 2017.