Tom Hanks tapes Emmy to Town Car, hilarity ensues

It takes a great deal to get us car folk to take interest in, let alone report on, the Emmys. Thankfully, blockbuster actor, Moon-obsessor, and all around nice guy Tom Hanks gave us something worth posting. The creepily-mustached Hanks received an Emmy for his work producing the HBO movie "Game Change," but it is when he got off the stage that things got interesting. Hanks, who already has a wealth of hardware from his illustrious career, decided it would be fun to affix his recently received Emmy to the hood of the Town Car that brought him to the award show. Once the trophy was taped down to the hood of his ride, Hanks yelled to his driver, "Aaand, GO!" Good for you, Hanks- if it were the Oscars, we might think this sophomoric, but hey- its the Emmy's, who cares! Source: Yahoo!