964 Ferraris Break World Record at Silverstone

What's the only thing better than 58 Ferrari F40's on Silverstone's Grand Prix Circuit? 964 Ferrari's, clearly. That's right, this weekend Ferrari owners from all walks of awesome gathered at the historic race track to break the Guiness World Record previously held by Fuji Raceway in Japan which hosted a mere 490 Ferraris back in 2008. The number of cars amassed at Silverstone may not seem that large until you actually see the attempt underway.  In all it's a dizzying and immersive display of horsepower as close to a thousand Ferrari's crossed the start/finish line at Silverstone The event, hosted and organized by the British Ferrari Owners' Club and Ferrari, included nearly all the road going Ferrari's produced in the last thirty years, racing cars as well as some highly sought after classics.  The procession of prancing horses was lead by none other than Ferrari Formula One driver Felipe Massa in a Ferrari 458 Spider. In what could have easily been  the worlds most expensive car crash, the record attempt went off without a hitch. Aside from being the priciest lap of Silverstone ever, the record attempt also raised money for the "BEN" charity for automotive workers. Ferrari will donate 5 pounds for each car involved in that world-record attempt, or 4,820 pounds. Thankfully for those who couldn't be there, exoticcar Youtuber extraorindaire Shmee150 caught all of the action from trackside. See if you can keep count: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUxW8bqAtwg&feature=player_embedded