Is this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Hemicuda on eBay worth $2.5Million?

This  1971 Plymouth Barracuda is on eBay through October 1st (with a price of ...gasp....$2,499,900).  And no, that's not a typo.  Could it possibly be worth that?  Here's why the seller thinks so... What the Seller Says about it: "Whether we like it or not basic Psychology confirms that stereotypes, both positive and negative, are usually founded in reality. That means all those catchy sayings you've heard about North Carolina country boys being brave, polite and simple are absolutely true. See, gearheads in the Tar Heel state know all it takes to have a good time is something with an engine, something with bullets or somewhere with a little bit of land. And that basic outlook on life is probably why we've built such a great reputation as fun-loving, free-spirited adventurers. The all-original time capsule 'Cuda you see here was custom-ordered by one of North Carolina's most fearless backwoods daredevils, and spent most of its life sitting in his world-class car and motorcycle collection. Not only is the car packed full of rare and unique options, it's also equipped with a top-of-the-line, high performance drivetrain, still covered in original paint and still cradling a 2,010 mile original Hemi V8. We all know time travel, however desirable it may be, as a phenomenon that's only found in fiction. But when you take one look at this untouched Plymouth survivor, the ultimate, lowest mileage reference-grade Hemicuda in existence, you'll begin to question both your sense of time and perception! (PHOTOS: See more Plymouth Barracudas) There's a reason, per auctions results, the 1971 Hemicuda is the most valuable muscle car of all time: they were unique and exclusive cars even when new. And, as with any hand-picked hobby car, you really can't get a feel for this Plymouth's significance until you thoroughly understand its owner. Zachary Taylor Reynolds, born in 1938, lived a life most people only dream about. He was the grandson of the world's biggest tobacco tycoon, the son ofa prominent political figure and the heir to seemingly unlimited money, fame and intelligence. By the early 1900s the Reynolds family's penchant for reckless behavior was already a subject of national conversation. But in the midst of the roaring 20s Zach's dad Dick Reynolds, and the uncle Zach was named for, sealed the deal by becoming well-known members of New York's Gotham club scene and transporting Mafia bootleggers on their personal planes. Eventually that risky lifestyle gave way to Zach's uncle dying under mysterious circumstances, and Dick moving back to Winston-Salem to become a pillar of the community and the Mayor of the city. But Dick was a natural wonderer, and although he wanted to settle down and raise his young family, he just couldn't resist a chance to sign up for the Navy and rediscover adventure. Unfortunately his combat service in World War II did not quell his appetite for new acquaintances, and it wasn't long until his wife Elizabeth learned of her pending divorce via a popular radio news show." BoldRide's take Whether or not there will be a buyer for this ride ar $2.4MM remains to be seen. It's a hefty price tag for a piece of history - but whatever happens, we have to admit this is perhaps the most incredible Hemicuda we have ever seen.  It's simple astonishing.  If you click the link below, there's far more to the story including the specifics on the car. Click here for more of the seller’s pitch on this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Hemicuda