We Think the McLaren MP4-12C Is the Perfect Everyday Supercar

The McLaren MP4-12C is at the very top of our list of must have cars. The Ferrari 458 Italia maybe more exciting, and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 maybe more outlandish, but there's no car currently on sale that has the  effortless nature of the MP4-12C. Where the Italians encourage you to boast and shout, and the Germans will ensure no one notices you,  the McLaren MP4-12C is like a good friend; both charming and honest, but never deceptive or harsh. It's the kind of car you could spend hours cruising in, blasting up barren mountain passes, or even clipping apexes at the track. When all is said and done, you can slip into a tux and it'll happily be your best man...or girl.

While Jeremy Clarkson was quick to dismiss the talents of the McLaren, and Motor Trend followed suit by stating it wasn't exciting enough to be  a proper driver's car, the good folks at EVO have provided a more balanced opinion of the MP4-12C. Perhaps there is a bit of nationalism at play, but they've also made it a point to use the Mclaren Mp4-12C as a supercar that can be a grand tourer, grocery getter, and go-kart all on the same day on the same road. The features they've  produced are also some of the best we've laid eyes on recently, so maybe it's just our inner journalism snob picking favorites.

We Think the McLaren MP4-12C Is the Perfect Everyday Supercar
Ass-kissing aside, the September issue (EVO 173)  features Henry Cathpole taking the MP4-12C on an epic 347 mile lap of Morrocco. Finally, someone grew a pair and took the McLaren on a proper drive. Keep in mind Morrocco is not supercar friendly, at all. It's hot, the roads are far from smooth, it's hot, and gas stations are few and far between. It's the perfect test route for the practical supercar.

One could say it's less entertaining than watching a Ferrari 458 drift around the Top Gear track,  but the piece ultimately highlights what would be important to anyone who actually has a driver's licence, driving.  Unfortunately, the test was too awesome for EVO to make available online, but we strongly encourage you to cough up $12 and buy the magazine before it's off the magazine stand. There's also a comparison to the heroic Ferrari F40. In the meantime, Henry and friends were nice enough to provide us with video from another journey. It begins at McLaren's lair headquarters in Woking,  continues onto Reims in northern France, and ascends in to the French Alps. There the  MP4-12c's bellowing twin-turbo V8 and rubber stripes from it's massive Pirelli P-Zero tires officially christen the Col de la Bonette for the 2012 driving season. It's how we would use the McLaren if we owned one, because it's not particularly good at anything less. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KizbiSkTAo&feature=g-all-u

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