Getting Very Sideways in the Menacing Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer

We've purposefully neglected to post up Chris Harris' videos recently. Not becuase they've been terrible, but it only seems fair to give some others a shot on the blog. As you can see from the general lack of videos lately, it's been largely unsuccessful. So it's back to basics. Here's Chris doing what he does best, this time going to AMG headquarters in Afalterbach Germany, and getting the AMG "Hammer "very sideways. Chris' trip reminded us of all the extremely supremely cool cars AMG used to put together from the late 70's through the early 1990's. They were very much like BMW M, only more exclusive, and often much more insane. The 300 CE 5.6 AMG "Hammer" is a prime example; with it's massive 5.6-liter V8, and drug dealer chic circa Miama 1982 fender flares it's a pretty outlandish car. Yet, it still manages to tick all the Mercedes boxes. Sleek, comfortable and very expensive. Though AMG still produces incredibly amazing cars like the SLS AMG GT and the C63 AMG Black Series, you can't help but get nostalgic about the 1980's and the cars coming out of southern Germany. 396 horsepower was a huge number in 1986, and it's still impressive today. It's hard to imagine what AMG or another manufacturer would build today to come close to that level of exclusivity and power. Companies like AMG are responsible for that, having raised their own performance bar higher and higher with each new model and each new motor. It's to the point that the only thing that would sound as insane as the AMG Hammer did back in 1986 would be an Audi S5 with the Lamborghini Aventador's V12 sandwiched in between its fenders (make that happen Ingolstadt!). AMG still keeps to its "one man, one engine" philosophy, but they haven't made anything as special as the "Hammer"  in a very long time.  It would be cool to see manufacturers making limited run cars like it again, but maybe the BMW 1M is as close as we'll get to that. You know, less horsepower, less weight, lower production numbers, and more oversteer. Because let's face it, that's what we like about the AMG Hammer. It's the Mercedes-Benz with the heart of a hoon. Stop. Hammer time: Click here to see a lot more awesome AMG cars.