BMW Zagato Roadster: The Coupe Goes Topless at Pebble Beach

It was only three months ago that the stunning BMW Zagato Coupe was revealed, sending instant pleasure into our eyeballs. With overall positive reception of the design, Zagato took it back to the workshop, gave it a new paint job and chopped the roof off. After only six weeks of work to account for, the coachbuilders managed to have the new design ready for side-by-side viewing at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach.  Here's why we think it's so special and sexy. Although bearing a resemblance to its distant cousin the BMW Z4, the Zagato Roadster takes most of its styling cues from its in-house sibling Zagato Coupe. Building on both BMW and Zagato's strong history of roadsters and previous succes, the idea of a Zagato drop top came only natural. With nearly identical styling on both the front and side skirts as the Zagato Coupe, the roadster rear is changed slightly to accommodate the soft top's resting place. Also, is a blacked-out treatment on the tail lamps and sumptuous leather-wrapped roll hoops.  I'm sure the leather is there for safety, right? No word on whether any of this will see the light of day in some future BMW Zagato production, but we can always dream. See more of the 2012 BMW Zagato Roadster here