An Extreme Ride with a Motorcyle and a Parachute

Most car people like motorcylces, and most if not all love to travel. Since we know you better than you know yourselves, we're sharing with you a video that combines both into six minutes of epic. It only seemed natural that the idea for a video like this would come from two French extreme sports champions.  Pascal Vallée and Fabien Couderc are the best of buds, so they decided to take a little vacation to Tunisia and filmed their shenanigans. The video showcases the paramotoring skills of Pascal (the guy with fan strapped to his back), and the enduro motorcycle skills of Fabien (the dude on the bike) as they race from point to point, doing stunts and pissing off the locals. The 11 day trip  took the bros-for-life from the beautiful resorts along the North African coast, and across the barren desert to a finish line in Nefta, better known as Luke Skywalker's hood. Looks like a lot of fun, and we just moved Tunisia way up on our places to visit list, right after the Nürburgring.