Video: Art of the Powerslide

Our favorite pastime (when we're not writing) is annihilating the rear tires on any car we can get our hands on. We like to think of ourselves as artists; modern day Leonardo Da Vinci's masterfully turning the backroads and empty parking lots of our choice into canvases for all to behold. The steering wheel is nothing more than a paint brush in our hands, tires beg for mercy as we skillyfully and purposefully stroke the tarmac with arcs of molten rubber. We are masters of automotive art, and the powerslide is our medium. Okay maybe we should cut the poetic b.s. and be honest, we're nothing but a bunch of speed crazed lunatics. But remember there's a fine line, about as wide as a 245 section tire, between genius and insanity. InsideLine pays hommage to our favorite hobby with this short video. Nothing more than some of our favorite cars doing ridiculous powerslides to the sound of music tortured tires and screaming motors.