Video: The Toyota GT-86 Finally Meets the Toyota AE86

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are without a question the car of the moment right now, and for good reason. Being cheap, lightweight, simple, and fun-to-drive are great qualities to have, especially in the world of 6,000 lb SUVs and 3,000 lbs Mini Coopers. Which is why we're glad Hungarian auto journalist, par- time hoon and full-time car guy Nino Karotta took the Toyota GT86 (the FR-S rest-of -the-world identical twin) on a trip from northern Spain to his home in Hungary. Now the video is by no means short, which is good because we've seen countless videos about the GT-86/FR-S/BRZ already, and have heard pretty much all that has been said about it. The longer format of this film lets Nino delve into the nuances that ultimately make this cheap rear-wheel-drive sports coupe the car to have right now. This cross-continental road trip also allows for one of the coolest comparisons, comparing the GT86 to the car that everyone has been comparing it to, but no one has actually compared it to; the AE86. Whether it's shooting it around hairpins in the Swiss Alps, cruising along the autobahn or sliding it around the track till it runs out of fuel, the GT-86 seems like a very liveable car if driving is all you care about. It takes what Toyota got right with the AE86, and makes it better, faster and more liveable. Though it may be slow by modern standards, and feature a gruffy 4-cylinder, it's a good car that somehow manages to remain a good car even though it loves doing very naughty things. Which is something that can't be said for a lot of performance-oriented driver's cars. We'll let the Hungarian wolverine talk now: