Ken Block Talks Gymkhana Secrets

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you've seen his videos. You know, the ones where a Ford Fiesta does things that only exist in a gearhead's wet dreams. Now the myth, the man, the legend, Ken Block, steps onto Mike Spinelli's DRIVE set to talk about the series of Youtube megahits jampacked with egregious levels of tire smoke, chirping wastegates, and exhaust bangs. Mr. Block's foray into the world of ludicrously extreme car sports began rather humbly. He got his first taste of action as just another kid who just wanted to be cool. He tried out skateboarding, bmx and later snowboarding, but lacked any actual talent to be cool. So he gave those all up, but still fascinated by the cool skate videos that were being shown at local theaters, focused on making an actual contribution to SoCal's street/skate scene. He quickly realized that business was his strong suit and focused on that. After launching a few successful companies which grew into the massive behemoth that is DC shoes, he decided that he wanted to get into racing, specifically rally, and dove head first into SoCal's Gymkhana scene. The rest, as is said by people who've run out of things to say, is history. Learn more about what went into the latest Gymhkhana video and how cool/kinda crazy DC's Chief Brand Officer actually is.