Video: Lotus Goes In-Depth With Their New Exige S

Two years ago when Lotus was at their peak, they introduced five (yes, five) stunning new concepts for the world to see at the Paris Auto Salon. Lately, it's been a different story. They've recently announced that they will be pulling out of the Paris Auto Salon altogether this year. Lotus is now out of a CEO, out of money and looking for a brand new start.! As a staple of lightweight, brilliantly handling cars, Lotus and the Exige have an illustrious history behind them. So, it's no surprise that a new beautifully designed, mid-engined, V6 Lotus Exige S would be at the heart of a new beginning for the British company. In this video, design director Donato Coco and chief engineer Matt Becker tell us exactly why the new Exige S is so damn beautiful. See more of the 2012 Lotus Exige S here