eBay WTF! of the week: Hummer H2 Black Knight

Holy hand grenades! We've featured this extremely bold(?) ride on this site before, but now it's for sale on eBay. The owner of this "thing" obviously worked within the philosophy of more is better, and added every kind of gun, bullet, light, mini-gun, shield, sword, skull, lightning, gun and machine gun he could fit. I like to think the inspiration for Black Knight came out of a fevered dream, wherein a Pep Boys and an army surplus store came to life and had unnatural relations. Nine months later, Black Knight was the result.
eBay WTF! of the week: Hummer H2 Black Knight
Little known fact, this cemetery was empty before Black Knight arrived. Just saying.
The vehicle description on the eBay listing is no less over the top:
Black Knight is Ready for Action and Armed to the Teeth!! This is a real head turner! Lambo doors front and rear. 7- MA Deuce 50 Caliber Machine Guns with Tripods, 2- 30 Caliber M1919 Machine Guns, 10- Mini-Guns with Rotating Action, 4- RPG’s Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers, 20mm Real Shells on Front Brush Guard and on Back Spare Tire, 50 Caliber on Top Shoots Simulated Fire with Loud Report and Works with Propane/ Oxygen Tanks Stored in Ammo Cases on Roof...
It goes on for about eight pages of this stuff. I'm three pages in and I haven't seen a mention of the actual vehicle.
eBay WTF! of the week: Hummer H2 Black Knight
No lost masculinity complex here. Nope.
In a way, this thing is a totally bargain at $55K. Black Knight would probably be easily converted into some avant-garde anti-war protest sculpture, if given the right back story.
eBay WTF! of the week: Hummer H2 Black Knight
Lambo doors make Black Knight just a little too over-the-top. Just a little.
Showing Black Knight in broad daylight kind of misses the point though. You see, there is a whole different side to Black Knight. A side much more in touch with its possible disco heritage. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are not going to make it out to fireworks tonight, may I present to you, BLACK KNIGHT!!!! http://youtu.be/nj5J-6-UKlA http://youtu.be/9RlIMH27XXk No matter what you viewpoint, buy Black Knight. You will be guaranteed to never run into anything quite like it on the road. You will become....wait for it....Black Knight!  Photos courtesy of eBay Motors.

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